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 A conceptual installation that brings viewers into a state of presence to really absorb a piece of art rather than simply viewing and passing it by. My work has an intricate narrative and blossoms with time spent observing. I wanted to create a piece of work that you could leave your shoes and all the things you carried with you at the door, to enter into the art and its message, sit down and wander throughout its lines and create your own story through observation. It starts with a long narrowing hallway with stream of consciousness poetry hand painted on either wall; the left side has words encased in a geometric shape, representing the left (rational/logical) brain, and the right wall, the words are encased in a wave form shape to represent the flowing and more watery nature of the right brain. Walking in, your left and right hemispheres are soothed by the familiar, to be able to enter the space feeling tuned in. And walking out, balanced by the exposure to the polar opposite, preparing you to reenter the world feeling whole.  The poems are intentionally fractured in moments due to the way they were created, some pieces of the message lost in the process. They also have neither a beginning nor end. These characteristics of the poems represent the stream-of-consciousness process, where producing within a flow state creates work that is able to capture only so much at one time. I liken it to sifting stones from sand, or cupping the hands to capture a drink of water; because I am influenced by the infinite nature of things, I am aware that whatever I am able to grab when I reach out into a vast well of ideas, is simply an observation on that present moment, and therefore, a truth worth observing. This said, my philosophy is based on valuing the act of  reaching  over controlling the outcome or producing something premeditated. My work is a vehicle to inspire others to do this kind of reaching inward and exploring, without judgment, to see and really treasure what we can discover.