BUCKLEY (1989, Chula Vista, CA, USA) is a stream-of-consciousness conceptual artist whose work most frequently manifests in the form of ink drawings. She applies her "process-over-product" method to a variety of mediums, including: music, textiles, performance, installation, sculpture and experience events. Her central focus is Ecstatic Creativity through the activation of the automatic and intuitive mind. Buckley's drawings are visual meditations rendered with simple materials and precise line work that deliver symbolic messages which are both immediately clear and ever-developing with time spent observing.

With its tribal-like imagery, her visual art spells its narratives through the dance of figures, often broken in pieces, interacting with symbols or floating in a sea of patterns. Their messages are active and striking, usually metaphorical in context. The hand: offering and receptivity. The eyes: emotion, perception. The breast: sustenance. The body, for the great function of the universe. The female body, of perpetuating and holding life with fierce grace and care. Symbols representative of universal language and omnipotent wisdom.

Buckley lives and works in New York City & Los Angeles, CA.